Selling Rules and Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

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Guidelines for selling on
Selling on is free and easy, We're always interested in what you've got for sale. However, before you advertise please read these simple guidelines as it will make selling your items a whole lot easier for you and potential buyers:

Be clear about what you're selling
Please, be clear about what your selling, a few brief words about your car wont sell, people wont be interested and your thread will be ignored, include as much information as you can, whether its a nut or a whole car, it saves wasting time on asking silly questions. People will not be interested in an advert with a few words and a price.

Check the "Check List" further down on what we want to know about the item your selling.

Include Pictures
If you can, make an effort to include some pictures, and make sure they are clear as it will give potential buyers a chance to see what your selling, most people will not be interested if you don't include any pictures
Note: Please try and keep these to approx 1024x768 in size maximum!

Tell us your location
Tell us where you and the car are located, it will give potential buyers a chance to see if they want to travel that far.
If your location isn't present in your user box (where you avatar and info is stored) then tell us where you are.

Its not much to ask, but far too many people think that they can come on here and sell something with a few brief words just because its an enthusiasts site. This isnt the case, if you can't be clear, your thread will be ignored and even deleted. By following these simple guidelines, it will make everyone's life a little easier.

If you choose not to abide by these guidelines you risk having your thread ignored or even deleted.

See the "check list" below to help you compile a good post.

If you have any questions, please contact me, always happy to help !


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Check List

- Year
- Model
- Engine: Fuel Diesel / LPG
- Body style: Saloon; Fastback; Coupe ;
- Colour interior / exterior
- Mileage
- Length of Mot / Tax

Service History
- Dealer stamped until mileage xxx
- Thereafter recent work; receipts

Good Points: Special Features
- e.g. special history
- Modifications : lowering...
- Interesting history

Bad Points:
- Obvious faults i.e. equipment not working e.g air con / CD changer.
- Body damage
- Rust
- Issues: electrics etc. ; odd noises; oil leaks

- Description of Part;
- Model of vehicle removed from
- Year of said vehicle

- Location
- Price
- Contact details
- Collection /courier postage arrangements


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In addition to this please can people not sticky for sale and wanted items? If you want to bump it once a month or something that's probably a better idea.


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