Rover P6 2000 Project for sale in Edinburgh - Almost complete & lots of spares included

I recently found my grandad's P6 in a lock up that we don't think has been opened in 30 years.

Buried under a pile of tarps, we thought we had a big chunk of scrap to get rid of but after a digging down to it it's anything but scrap! We'd love to see it back on the road but have neither the time, knowledge or skills to do it ourselves. Perhaps somebody on here can step up where we cannot.

The car is in Edinburgh, in a small lockup without much space around it to maneuver, so we haven't yet been able to have too thorough of an inspection or take decent photos! Will try and take better photos tomorrow and update but until then see below.

What we know about the car -

J-reg Rover P6 - 2000 Automatic.
White paint job and bodywork is in good condition, with very little rust.
Black leather interior is in great condition. (And so comfortable!)
Inner workings all appear to be present and mostly intact, though probably seized from years of no use.
What we can see of the frame is in good condition, also showing very little rust.
All windows etc in good condition, one of the little front side openers has been removed and is boxed up inside the car.
Both rear wings are removed, we have 4 spares that will be included in the sale.

We also have a bunch of spare parts, rear wings, bumpers, lights, brand new floor mats and some other bits and pieces.

We're hoping to get somewhere near £1000 for it all but happy to hear offers.

Please get in touch if you're interested and we can arrange a visit.

Thanks! Lewis


I am interested in the rover that you have.... i am in Edinburgh and use my p6 as a daily drive. I am also looking for a lock up to use so maybe a deal can be done ?