Recommendations for electronic ignition Distributor?

Hi guys,
Discovered my ignition problems are down to the dizzy base plate allowing the points to adjust themselves as I drive. The easiest solution I feel is an update to electronic. Can't seem to source any suitable ones locally. What are the favored brands or what should I avoid, getting one off the internet....?
I had a Powerspark distributor for my P5B. It was cheap and worked fine but lasted only 2 years. Now replaced by a RangeRover distributor and needed to change the oil pump for that


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I had my distributor rebuilt a few years ago on my 4 cylinder car. Much preferable as they will ensure it has the correct advance curve for your car and if you decide on electronic ignition afterwards you can retro fit a trigger wheel and sensor to the baseplate.


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Dont know if you are V8 or 4.
Im V8 and went for a Landrover V8 Disco elec distributor and set up.
I kept my P6b oil pump as I had already upgraded to the larger gears to address low pressure on idle.
I had to change the bottom gear from my P6 distributor to the new disco shaft.
A fairly easy swap as they are split pin set in place.
Never had a starting issue since, throttle responsive and less stress on the starter motor.
I guess its still all "Rover"
mate has a stag with rover 3.5 ,it has a 123 dizzy and goes like gangbusters,mine has lumenition which i like as there is a large heatsinkfor the electronics as opposed to ones that fit under the dizzy cap,electronics are killed by heat
Good options for the future. I've been doing some pricing etc and I think I'll get the points dizzy rebuilt as standard so I can get back on the road - and convert to electronic when I can afford it.....
Hi again,

Have checked timing again and it looks good. Sparking on all cylinders.
Tried the original cleaned carbs and now worse than ever.
Backfiring through carbs and exhaust, zero power, no idle/running without choke.

What could have changed so radically??