Possible head off

Found we went to tight on two valves when we rebuilt my engine a few years ago. Made up these spacers specifically for the job but I assume nuts would also work. The engine now runs with a little bit of tappet noise but thats better than the alternative.
Ok....got the chance to measure clearances, got the following results.

going from the front of the car back

Inlet 0.008 /0.20mm
Exhaust 0.16/0.40mm

Inlet 0.009/ 0.23mm
Exhaust SHUT

Inlet 0.11/ 0.28mm
Exhaust 0.12/0.30mm

Inlet 0.010/ 0.25mm
Exhaust 0.009/ 0.23mm

Mostly All a bit out but the closed gap is the one that is if most concern!


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If it was me I'd set the clearance on the exhaust valve with zero, and then run the engine, because if you have other problems and the head needs to come off then it's not worth the time and effort setting all the others.
Hello All,

Ok, quite a day!

Followed the procedure, all fine taking the camshaft off and torquing down the head bolts with spacers very straight forward. Putting the camshaft back and disaster struck. One of the head bolts would not tighten and had stripped its thread.

So took the head off, no obvious problems with valves as to why the gap had closed completely on exhaust valve. Will send off and get the head and valves checked and hardened valve seats done whilst I’m at it, then re shim the camshaft and hope for the best.

Any suggestions for a decent machine shop near Gatwick.


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I’ve not used them, but they always seem to get recommended.
There’s another good one that I’m just trying to remember the name of
Head is at Sutton rebore, new valves guides and hardened seats happening, thread wizard has sorted out the stripped thread in the block and checked and run a tap through the others. Hopefully will be ready to put back together soon!
Hello All,

Bit of a head scratcher. Head all done and being bolted back on, timing chains were locked etc, previous mark on pulley wheel (tipex) actually lines up with number 4 being top dead centre but lines up on camshaft, the pulley wheel has been cleaned, and the original manufacturers Mark for tdc found and that is at tdc for number one but the camshaft is not lining up by a large amount. Chains previously put on incorrectly? But car ran fine since I’ve owned it, 15,000 miles.

Hope this makes sense!!


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Cylinders 1 & 4 are at TDC at the same time, so if the camshaft is 180 degrees out it will still run providing the ignition is timed to suit.

Also remember that EP isn't the same position as TDC.
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