P6b project


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Are you coming to the end of your weldathon? What will you do with your time then? Aah, yes, of course, re-assemble the car. Firstly having hidden all your patient labours beneath copious quantities of underbody protection. It's a good thing you took a photo and video diary.
No letting up! ;)
I am nearing the end of the welding hopefully.
Lots of mechanical work including the lt77 manual conversion to do yet and copious amounts of bodywork to do.
Your right though all that hard work and none of it will be seen.


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Happens to the best of us.

I bought a 3500s with an MoT and ended up welding it nose to tail rebuilt brakes too. The saving grace is that the P6 is a straight forward car to weld.

Be worth the effort, you wont need to break the welding torch out for many years.


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Yesterday after giving everything a good key I give the door shuts and roof 2 coats of epoxy primer and 3 coats of high build.
Just need to flat and topcoat while the weather is good. 20200912_113002.jpg 20200912_113022.jpg 20200912_113028.jpg 20200912_121250.jpg 20200912_113035.jpg


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Will the epxoy primer do for the bonnet or do you need to etch that?
From what I've been told and read epoxy is ideal for the bonnet with it being aluminium.
Hopefully I can get the rest of it stripped and coated in at least epoxy before the winter.
I probably shouldn't have stripped it yet.


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Managed to get the topcoat on before the winter.
Gave it one light coat then 2 proper coats.
Didnt come out to bad with my limited painting skills IMG_20200919_144924_994.jpg IMG_20200919_144924_993.jpg IMG_20200919_144924_991.jpg IMG_20200919_144924_985.jpg


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Where will you be mounting the clutch master? Next to the brake master, or vertically like the 3500S? I had a lot of fun making up the brackets to mount a vertical slave, which are not present on the auto base unit.
What are you using as a rear crossmember? Will you be re-using the brackets in the auto tunnel?
I adapted an SD1 crossmember to the auto brackets. I have photos of my contraptions if you need.
I had to trim some metal away to get the three-pedal box in the hole. I didn't use any gasket material between the pedal box and the bulkhead. That was stupid. Rain gets in if I park at a certain incline facing up hill. Damn and blast.