P6 Estate + Federal 3500 S in Tucson (USA)


This is the property of former ROVERS WEST of Patrick Teske in Tucson / Arizona. Years ago I saw the cars on Google Maps (see picture above) and wonder if there is a chance for rescuing the cars.

Coincidentally some weeks ago I got in contact with a guy on Facebook who is living in Tucson. I ask him to go to the place and take some pictures. He did - and here they are:


So it is confirmed that the Estate is the same one which is featured in James Taylors P6 book of 1993:

NHO 757F .jpg

The blue Federal 3500 S could be 43301806 A but that´s not confirmed up to now.


The guy from Arizona knows the current owner of the cars (and property) who manages a local automotive repair shop. Fnally I got this info: "We will sell both white estate and blue 3500S for packaged deal of $5000 USD. He will not separate cars tho.. "

I have a Tucson telephone number for contacting - so if anyone is interested in buying these P6s ....


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Nice find and thanks for posting, how did you find it in the book you must have a good memory,
Hope they both find a great new home :)


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I just drove past Tucson last week. I think that 5 grand sounds like he has been on the special substances, for what looks like scrap, although I must say I do have some unrealistic curiosity about these. On my trip to New Mexico through AZ I was wondering if there were any Rovers lurking in all the scrap yards (translation: back gardens). Seems there were.