P5 Front drum brake picture?


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Does anybody have a WSM for the P5 that shows the front drum brake setup please? Having trouble convincing some people that twin trailing shoe brakes existed...I think the later P4s also had twin trailling fronts.
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2 nd Edition TP367 1966brake 006.jpg
Rolls Royce had twin trailing shoes as well, makes for much smoother braking to a standstill as befits a limousine, no snatching.
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Thanks, exactly what I was looking for! Absolutely terrific brakes ! Had these on my 50 P4 courtesy of previous owner, as well as a 90 Engine, P3 gearbox with overdrive. Did some driving through the Snowy Mtns, never a whiff of fade or lack of stopping power.
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Rover introduced them on the 90 for the 1956my. Covered in The Motor, Sept 21 1955 - "braking system adopted on the 1956 Rover 90 is of the latest Girling type in which two trailing shoes are used in the front drums in place of the more usual two leading shoes"

It goes on to say that it's been a feature if certain high performance British cars for some time. Rover introduced it with the introduction of servo assistance in the 90.

This thread wouldn't have meant anything to me had I not been catching up with some reading recently and picked up a book that's been on the shelf for ages and I remembered reading something about it. :)
Trailing shoes tend to pull off rather than on from the drag against the drum. Hence the fitting of the booster. Leading shoes have a habit of grabbing but do require less foot pressure. For those not in the know the term refers to the brake shoe anchor point (normally one end of shoe). essentially if a point on the drum passes the anchor end first the shoe is trailing. if the drum passes the piston end first its leading - given that the car is going forward...There is a third option where the two shoes are joined at the bottom (by an adjuster wheel) with one or two pistons at the top; while they tend to lead it depends a lot on the state of wear and how well they are adjusted.