Oil pump removal

I'm trying to remove the oil pump from the auxillary housing on a 2000 TC and I've removed the nuts (see picture) but it doesn't want to move. I don't want to force it. Is there anything else holding it? (I want to replace the O ring).


20210809_152804.jpg 20210808_202916.jpg
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I've removed the pipes from the block.
There was oil leaking (pouring) from the bolt nearest the engine and seems to be coming from between the pump and the auxiliary housing.



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You need to remove the tension from both timing chains by backing off the tensioners, which means removing the sump for the bottom, and removing the access cover to do the top, (I would do this with the engine pegged at the EP point), then prise out the ally bung in the front of the block in front of the oil pump, and there is a bolt that holds the intermediate chainwheel that needs to be removed. Then the oil pump shaft will be free to be pulled out through the chainwheel along with the pump.
Thanks for such a comprehensive reply. That's a lot more work than I had anticipated! As it is a stand alone unit, I thought it would just bolt off. This is one for a real mechanic!