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Non operative wiper.

Discussion in 'Electrics' started by nzwoodie, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. nzwoodie

    nzwoodie Member

    I stumbled across this item and wonder why it says that wiper motors can only work when they want to on power steering equipped vehicles. Can anyone elaborate and what is the fix. Two guesses why I want to know the answer.


    An alternator was fitted to all P6s apart from most pre 1970 4 cylinder cars, which originally featured a dynamo. The 11AC unit is getting scarce now, and its separate regulator often packs up, so it’s generally replaced with an 11ACR unit which features an integral regulator. The 12-way fusebox on post-1971 cars can melt, but the switchgear and instrumentation is reliable and it’s all available used. Harder to find are front sidelight/flasher units, while the number plate lamp also rots readily and new ones aren’t available. On cars with power steering the wiper motor can work only when it wants to, while starting problems on the V8 and post 1970 four cylinder cars can often be traced to the connection where the battery lead goes through the bulkhead; on all Series 2 P6’s the battery is in the boot.
    Richard Dredge

    April 2006

    (Revised by Nick Dunning, September 2014.)
  2. Chalky

    Chalky Member

    It's because the power steering box gets in the way of the original wiper motor so they put cable type on the passenger side to get round the problem. That one can seize up if you don't lubricate cable and wheel boxes
  3. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    What's an 11ACR alternator?
  4. clive P62

    clive P62 Active Member

    Ive only seen them start at 15ACR on a early seventies transit.
    Used one on my old dynamo mini.
    28 amps output I think.
    Had to turn casing around as wrong handed.
  5. roverp480

    roverp480 Member

    I think the 11AC was an early alternator with a separate external regulator 4TR and warning light control unit 3AW , the ACR range have the regulator built in . Section QQ in Workshop manual has a description

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