No start after setting valve timing

Hello everyone I've been continuing to try and find out why my 67 rover tc 2000 won't start. Ive set the timing to the EP mark on the flywheel to the camshaft. She no longer started after this. I've got compression and spark. Fuel, I proceeded to adjusting the distributor with no difference. (Originally I set the timing to the pin in the flywheel which didn't match up with the cam pin. Then I adjusted It to the EP mark as I've been corrected) plugs are wet and smell of fuel. Still but getting spark outside the engine when testing the plugs for spark. And they are brand new. The mystery continues. Here is a photo of the cam and flywheel before I made any adjustments and ran lumpy before this. And as mentioned not at all currently. 20190719_181132.jpg



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Have you checked that when number 1 cylinder is at TDC on the compression stroke, the rotor arm lines up with the segment that has the lead that goes to number one cylinder?

This problem is often caused by the leads being 180 degrees out on the cap.

All the above assuming you have the valve timing correct.
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If you have points in the distributer, worth changing condenser. I have had a number of mysterious running / starting problems over the years caused by failed/failing condenser


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Found this from an old post which may help.

info from Rich, gone but not forgotten.

OK here we go, this is from the HBOL (haynes book of lies) so may or may not be 100% !

Number 1 is at the front of the engine, next to the dizzy

Firing order is 1, 3, 4, 2 Distributor rotates anti-clockwise

Apparently plugs for a 2.2TC should be champion N7Y gap of 0.025 inch approx 0.63mm

points gap 0.014 - 0.016 inch, approx 0.35-0.4mm
Dwell angle 57-63 degrees

Timing 8 degrees BTDC

That should do, any more you need let me know.



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Cherry if you ever want to abandon the points all together and go for an electric ignition I can highly recommended it I made the change over and have had no problems so far