Newbie from Norfolk.....


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Hi, all. Been meaning to do this for an age, so.....

Name's Mike. Late 50's; retired, though a full-time carer.

Been a real fan of the P6s for a long time. Mama had a string of them through the mid to late 60s and early 70s. Three at least, that I recall.....and her brother, my uncle, was a P4 man. Two 90s; a 100; a 105, and 3 110s. Absolutely swore by them, and of course they were always known as the 'poor man's' Rolls Royce. Quietest engines I ever came across.

As for Mum's P4s:-

1) First was a grey metalflake 2000SC, with a red leather interior and the wire wheels. I can't remember the reg, apart from the fact it was a 'C'-plate.
2) Second was a white 2000 SC, with black leather trim. LCF 505F was with us for about 5 years or so; Mum tried a 1275 GT Mini for about a year, but soon switched back to her favourites. I'd like to track down what happened to this one, out of curiosity.
3) And the longest-lasting of all was WCE 830L. A 2000TC, in Monza Red with tan leather interior, this was the car I learnt to drive in.....and 'borrowed' to get to my first proper job till I could afford a car of my own. I don't need to ask what became of this one; WCE 830L went to an ignominious end at the local scrappie's in '91, having developed what Mum called 'lace' wings at the back. Literally, the front end of the rear wings went like Swiss cheese, and completely parted company from those silly little brackets that attached them to the 'C' pillar. They used to flap about in the breeze!

That's enough about the cars for now. I've basically joined up to chat & reminisce about the P6s. Hope nobody's got a problem with that.....

Mike. ;)