New Here With my 1967 Rover tc 2000

Hello everyone,
I am new to these forums an Excited to be a part of them. Almost a year ago I acquired a 1967 Rover Tc 2000 that had been sitting since 2000 in a back yard in Vermont USA. Before its Previous owner had fallen ill it was his pride an Joy and Now is mine. It came very rough with 79,000 Miles on the ODO, And Originally parked to stay till his daughter Grew up for her to drive (she had no interest). Only had a Failed water pump! The winter months while it sat I slowly Pieced it back together. It spent Most of its life in New mexico making family trips back n fourth to Connecticut so most of the rust was located above the bulkhead Other than the sills, Over the last year I've done much work to it. I am still uncovering lots of photos, Parts aren't easy to come by in the USA cheap from what I can see. But I have made many friends on the Rover p6 club forums on Facebook.
New water pump, Speedometer, Custom Oil hoses, Spark plug wires, Some welding, Exhaust system, Rebuilt carbs later all that is left is a new ball joint needed and Working rear brake calipers! Then I am all set for inspection! Still need to piece together interior.. It is a still a lovely car,
I attached some photos
I tried to keep them Oldest to newest,



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Welcome. Enjoy your nice old car. Always great to see these fine old vehicles being dragged out of a long deep sleep and returned to service.