NADA Dual Line Single Servo Bleeding


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First I bled the master cylinder to the servo (line open) then I connected the line and bled the rears and all seemed okay. After closing off the rears and going to the fronts things got strange as the pedal did a bunch of very loose pumps then it got firmer but no fluid came out of the bleed screws, or the pipes to the front calipers when the calipers were removed from the picture. The master cylinder reservoir level decreased a bit then came back up during /after the procedure respectively. I am assuming I must still have air in so the fronts are not in play through the design of the magical servo, but I wonder if anyone has any comments about this. I was expecting it to be easy!

I ask as I got the servo (and MC) back from reconditioning and through all these shenanigans I had to remove the servo and strip and repaint it once, as well as the various regions of paint destroyed by the DOT3 festival. I am concerned if I install it and have a repeat performance and there is a lurking problem then I don’t want a paint debacle (sequel). At least it now has ceramic paint hopefully better than the crud it was returned sporting.