My P6 Sunroof now on Evilbay....n wooden frame though.

Seller CV35Orchard

But contact me via here so we can save the evilbay fees - I'm having a spat with them as I got caught by the mobile sale phone fraud they are habitually ignoring as they can make fees out of it - and the buyer leokr10 I recall, gets phones for free:
basically you sell your fully working phone get paid and post it off;
about a week later you get a refund request as faulty;
then ebay send you a message saying as the phone has been delivered back they will refund seller - issue here is the phones never arrive back;
ebay say they have tracking info to say phone was received back but wont divulge details, and even wore they charge you for the return postage.
I had 5 people contact me after reading the feedback I left leokr10 with lots of rude words in it, all had been caught......
As Evilbay dont appear to give a stuff about this, i'm trying to save paying at least £130 of their fees.

PM me your number/email and I'll contact you back.


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I've added a NOS P6 sunroof kit, albeit no wooden frame - let me know if interested, obviously decent price for a forum member. Ive spoken to a coiple of restorers and they have them made up by decent carpenters for £150-200.