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When we bought our LHD 2000TC Mk 2 in Athens a few months ago it only came with one ignition key. Two local hardware stores were stumped by a request for a copy and provided two that were rubbish and would not fit in the slot. Now the rally is over and we have time to get back to renovating the car we are looking for an additional ignition key. I see MGBD parts have a dual entry key blank for S2 2000 suffix C onwards. Our chassis number is 44900842 A - does that mean the MGBD blank will not fit? Any other suggestions as to where to find an ignition key for the car. All other keys have been copied and work well. Currently in Greece but returning to Sydney next week.
You can get them in Sydney. The professional locksmiths will have them. The earlier key is used here for cabinet locks while the later one also went into other local cars. They may need to order in the latter one.