Just gets better!


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When mine has stood for any real length of time, it feels stiff and creaky. After some days' use it kinda warms up and keeps improving. I used mine through winter (shock, horror) and even the engine leaks dried up. Rovers (well, any old car) can be stood to death, I really believe that.
The squeaks and groans are all gone (the car, not me!), a few tanks of fresh fuel have been run through, the coolant level is not changing (once cooled down, when hot it likes to fill its bottle!) on the (Volvo) overflow bottle. Every exhaust joint starting blowing a little! After some wire brushing and oiling the bolts got moving again, and all needed a nip up - seems that the exhaust has been fitted and then the car not really used, everything just needing a bit of bedding in. Oh well, what a chore eh - having to go a couple of hours 'rovering' every sunny evening to make sure there isn't anything untoward...............its a hard life :)