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Hi there!

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by henqui, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. henqui

    henqui New Member

    Please let me introduce myself... I feel like a complete stranger here because I don't own a Rover, but I do love them! I am a lover of all classic cars, I suppose like you all.

    Some 5 years ago I came across a 1968 Volvo Amazon Combi, which was completely in loose parts. A friend of mine had it sitting in his garage for about 20 years. He just didn't have the time to get it rebuilt. So I bought it from him and I have been busy the last 4 years putting it back together. It is almost ready now.

    There are still a few thing that need to be done. One of the is repairing the remote brake servo, which happens to be a Lockheed LK11066. I think Rover used them aswell, maybe slightly different types.
    I am looking for a repair kit for it, but for mine it seems to be hard to find.
    So maybe I will just put it back together after a good clean-up of course.

    Maybe some of you know a good place to find Lockheed parts? That would be very helpfull!

    Best wishes from Leiden, The Netherlands

    Hendrik Teerink

    here some pics of my car:
    Volvo Amazon Combi Story by henqui on Photobucket
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  2. clive P62

    clive P62 Active Member

    Hi Hendrik.
    I get all my brake parts from a company called Power Track here in the U/K.
    He is on the net and does all girling / Lockheed parts all gen and new not NOS .
    Offers great service and mail order.
  3. henqui

    henqui New Member

    Hi Clive, thanks for the tip! I've got in touch with them. They do have a repair kit with all the needed seals, but unfortunately not a replacement 3/8" reaction piston. Maybe somebody here on this forum has got a used one for me?

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