Hi everybody

I hope you all dont think i'm being a little cheeky, but the reason I joined is that I'm trying to find a car that is very special to me. I last drove a p6 3500s in 1980, just before my dad sold it, two years after I passed my driving test in it. Dad passed on not long ago,and I am trying to trace his old car. It was an almond 3500s with huntsman roof and tan leather, reg number YWH861L. If anybody knows of its whereabouts please get in touch, whether its in use or (long shot) for sale, I would love to know where the old Rover is.
Thanks in anticipation.
Hi t-bell,

The following information comes from DVLA, it just may be out there unless someone has forgotten to inform them it has been scraped! coming up for 16 years now!!!!

The enquiry is complete

The vehicle details for YWH 861L are:

Date of Liability 30 04 1992
Date of First Registration 25 01 1973
Year of Manufacture Not Available
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 3528CC
CO2 Emissions Not Available
Fuel Type Petrol
Export Marker Not Applicable
Vehicle Status Unlicensed
Vehicle Colour YELLOW
Vehicle Type Approval null
The information contained on this page is correct at the time of enquiry.
Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle
6 Months Rate £99.00
12 Months Rate £180.00

You could always buy a similar P6! Welcome to the forum,


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Hello t-bell,
I bought my Dad's P6 last year from the previous owner. Luckily (or is that sneakily?) mum kept hold of ken's address with the hope that I'd contact him, and even though he'd moved, he'd kept the same telephone number. Good luck with the search.