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Hello to all! Just joined...

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by His Lordship, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. His Lordship

    His Lordship New Member

    Hi guys and girls,
    Just joined and looking forward to picking up His Lordship from James (Spinakerr) on Saturday.
    Can't wait for a bit of V8 Rovering!
    All the best, Tim
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  2. GBgary

    GBgary Member

    Welcome to the madness Tim. You seem to have a rather eclectic collection, so I think you are good addition to the group. We do like pictures here and even of the car, looking forward to future postings. The Aprilia is a nice piece of kit.
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  3. SydneyRoverP6B

    SydneyRoverP6B Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum Tim!

    Look forward to seeing some photos of your Rover, and I can appreciate the excitement that you feel waiting for Saturday :)

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  4. Ulrich

    Ulrich Member

    Enjoy that v8, always wanted one but currently still in four cylinder territory. Still time though... Is his lordship up and running?
  5. His Lordship

    His Lordship New Member

    Hi Ulrich, he certainly is - very much so. Used about 3 times per week and runs beautifully.
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  6. Ulrich

    Ulrich Member

    Wonderful, these are extraordinary cars and deserve to be used. When mine's up to snuff, which I hope won't be too long, I intend to give the '96 xj6 a rest for a while and enjoy some full time Rovering.
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