Hello everyone

Hey there my name is Tim atm 18 years old working on a Rover 3500S for about a year or so together with my dad

Bit about my self:
- Well i am intrested in old music , old cars and such not such fan of phones.
- Worked on 2 other cars before this current project car - Dkw Munga -- Volvo 480 <--- my first car

Bit about the Rover:
- Monza Red Rover 3500S Left wheel steering V8 with dual line braking system.
- Fully restored the engine that did not run in about 20+ years
- Curently working on the brakes <---- bleeding problem
- Restored many other parts --> body is fully coated rust prevention is key after all :D
- Imported to NL from switzerland then took apart for restoration --- project could not be completed because of the preveus owners age

Some photo's



On theses photo's we are collecting the car as you can see its full of parts Engine and gearbox both got removed


After patching up the engine and placing it back we worked on the brakes for a long time bought a new Master cilinder rebuilding the slave servo and the brakes no big results yet. further more replaced some other parts -- Radiator -- Front shock absorbers -- Rear coil springs -- ignition system and more.


never worked on british cars before so i hope many of you can help me out and of course let me hear some of your car story' i am realy intrested in such things
hope you liked this first post.


Thank you so much "sdibbers"
could not have done it all by myself props to my dad
and yes if its passes MOT it would be me or my dad driving it {perhaps old classic vacation hehe}
did some test runs on the property but yeah brakes stuck so not getting really far hehehe

have been working 2 days straight on the brakes --> my dad is not home for the week [work] and thought why not try to fix the brakes so is can give him a little surprise when he gets home :p made lots of progress so he can be proud of that

and forgot to mention if its ready me and my dad would contact the previous owner just so he can take it for a spin.

p.s found this in the project folder its my Volvo 480 and our previous project [fun fact the base paint of the Dkw Munga was purple then yellow and we made it green] maybe fun to show how they both look

Thank you it was really fun to drive haha that little jeep could go evereywhere we sold it so we could buy the Rover the new owner is realy happy with it