hello - 3500s


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hi every one,i was a member of the p6 roc in the early eightys had a good monza red 3500s for a few years untill it was written off, so im now looking for one again, a good one although it will be harder to find, preferably camaron green or monza red tax exempt with proper 4 speed box plus black interior and no sun roof. alot to ask now days, if if any of you guys here of one please let me no. thanks phone 07878860805 or email marg1748@btinternet.com :p
Hi Iggy,

Welcome to the Club and forum, I am sure it wont be long before you you are once again a P6 owner!

Hope the details I sent you in the PM turn out to be helpful!




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thanks mike, im going to see the car this saturday ive been told the base structure is sound has had the inner sills welded up in the past, no sun roof as i wanted , tax exempt, camaron green which i realy like, with a black interior a bit of work needed on front seats and some rust on the rear wings, but hes got 2 rear wings plus paint,engine has a good oil pressure, also the car is an auto model but im not to bothered about this realy as i could convert to manual at a later date. il let you no if ive bought it after the weekend, cheers gavin