Fuelling the midlife crisis

Hi folks
Thanks for the acceptance
I've just bought a 1968 p6 2000sc with the intention of stripping and restoring it
Someone has already had a go a few years ago and while they arrested any serious corrosion the quality of workmanship is very poor eg poorly fitting fiberglass panels and the oversills are right at the front and an inch gap from the bottom of the door at the back
First job is a starter motor rebuild it doesn't stay engaged when engine is warm been quoted 93 quid to rebuild it
Next is the radiator while not overheating severely it has cold spots and has been repaired several times. Suggestions please
Apart from that mechanically it seems fine starts on the button no smoke no unseemly rattles or bangs. I'm sure there will be more nasties when I delve deeper but it is a midlife crisis cure after all
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Welcome Terry
Midlife crisis is a wonderful excuse to regress!
I have been having one since I was fourteen
Enjoy your car, I have yet to find the right one
Radiator would probably benefit from a re-core at your local rad repair shop, often a similar price to a cheap replacement and an upgrade in cooling ability
You haven`t posted any pics yet?
Hi Richard
There's pics in the project section of how I bought the car
All I've done so far is gather parts together. It's getting garaged next month then the work begins
Good luck with your hunt hope you find your mlc soon


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Nope - all fine :) Midlife crisis means you're having a life and doing things. That's my excuse and i'm sticking to it. If you have pics of the wonky bits close up you may get some suggestions as to the cause?