fuel vaporisation

Paul, there was no issue with the fuel supply. issue was with the electrics - coil - This is an example of why we replace all the service items with new ones before trying to figure out the problem. If done one item at a time you will probably find the fault during the process otherwise you know that all those things are good. In this case starting the car to adjust timing etc will no doubt cause it to conk out fairly quickly and you can go ahead and check the rest of the circuits and electric equipment to find the culprit (or clear the electrics as not the issue)
Check that the bypass from the carburettor tower to radiator is clear; feel the small hose from the centre of the V to the radiator. It should be hot when the engine is hot, showing that coolant is running through it. I was getting serious vapourisation on my V8, despite electric fuel pump, but cured when I unblocked the bypass. I am using Facet pump mounted on th inner wing panel, near the brake servo, with connection from the original Rover fuel line from reserve tap, and the pressure regulator in line to the Carbs.
I had a fuel problem, but I left the pipe running along the LHS of the block, and ran a length of heat resistant tubing (Firesleeve) over it, from the pump , along the block and over the bellhousing. solved several possible issues.
Jut for interest, I use a pusher pump from the tank and run the fuel line up to the bulk head, along the outside of the engine bay , along the inside of the NSF wing, and back into the engine bay near the screen wash bottle. The fuel doesn't see any engine bay temps before entering carbs..
hi the pump looks quite new it has one pipe going in and one pipe going to a transparent filter then to the carbs
Had a similar problem the filter after the pump was causing fuel starvation i just have one before the pump now with no problem .
I have a filter in the std position fed by a Huco electric on the inner guard (near the coil) and a smaller filter on the input to the pump. Was unsure if the pump could handle that , but have had no problems. Either filter could cause a problem if clogged, but both are transparent, so blockages will be obvious.
Make sure that the hose from the top of the rad to the top of the inlet manifold is clear. The pipe that goes into the manifold is prone to blockage, causing the engine to run hot, which can cause vaporisation.
If this were indeed the problem, would the engine temperature gauge read high, or, could this situation occur with a normal engine temperaature reading?
I used to suffer from acute Vaporisation on my 3500S, due to blocked return pipe from Rad to Carb. Tower. Once I knew the problem, (Thanks to ?Chris York,) easy to identify by feeling the small dia. hose from Rad to Carb. tower.. Never any indication that engine was running hot. I had fitted a re-cored and water temp was in the normal range.. if there is n circulation through the Carb. tower, there is a local build up of heat in the tower and Vaporisation is the result.
Vapourisation had become so bad that P6 was unusable during Summer months (in UK) and i was on the brink of selling it. .Even though I was not a P6 club member at the time, Chris York mailed me the information and Vapourisation went away.. So easy to fix when I knew what to do.