Front seats

Hi, I put a pair of front seats on ebay for 99p, passenger one leather is dry and split and the drivers one is usable but looks like it's been recoloured, there are no runners, free to whoever wants them or they will go to the tip, I'm in bradford, yorkshire, they are both of the box pleat style, came out of a 68 3500
Box pleat didn't start until 1974 or so. All the seats were flat pleat until then. My '73 V8 had box pleat when I bought it which also wouldn't have been original. I'm currently in the process of replacing it with flat simply because the box pleat is in such poor condition, not because I don't like it.
They are pretty shot, aren't they? I've also got some seats in pretty poor condition but it does go against the grain to scrap them. I suspect some will meet that fate though.


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