First start of the day

Hi, my v8 auto, with standard set up with regards pump and ignition etc, starts first time every time during the day, but needs 4 /5 good spins to start after a bit of a lay off, ( over night or longer),
Question 1 is could this be down to fuel running back slightly over a period of time, and as the pump only runs when the engine is cranking, does it take a while to get the fuel back up to the carbs
Question 2 if that is the case, fuel would get to the near side carb first then the offside ( very slightly ) could this account for what i would describe as a rough un balanced start ( split second )and then a second or so of stumbling before settling down to a nice steady beat.
Before the Rover i had a MGB with electric pump, and first start of the day was ignition on hear the pump ticking , when it stopped , crank the engine.

I suppose what im asking , is will a electric fuel pump make the first start any better.

Regards Steve


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Hello Steve,

What you describe is normal, nothing to worry about. Using an electic pump in terms of cold starting and the time required for the engine to fire won't make a difference, i.e., it will still require 4 or 5 spins, certainly that is my experience. Hot starts on mechanical or electric pump are usually pretty well instant.