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Hi all used my 2200 Tc everyday for last 2 weeks , don't know why people don't do it more? Sits at 70mph gracefully and commandly no problem, on a private road scurried up to 95 no probs just wanted to go.2 weeks motoring 250 miles and 28 mpg can live with that any day with the enjoyment I got from it, isn't that what they where made for?.gallon of Hammerstein smooth on solid body all wings and sills off,, then gallon of wax oil can't do anymore than that. Will use mine all thru winter as they where built for, no different from any other car just better! Made to use not to park up so much enjoyment missed in the winter months, they handle beautifully in the snow. I,ve owned 27 of these cars since 1977 my father since 1971 and they feel as great today as they did then, so just use and enjoy because let's face it they where just a normal executive car to use in there day, one year parked a low mileage 17000 car up for 3 months over winter, had loads of unusual probs afterwards never again.
I hope to drive ours most of the year, but in the winter I draw the line at driving in torrential rain and when there is salt on the road. Modern salt is a total killer for a classic car. It creeps into the seams regardless of waxoyl or whatever and rots the shell as well as covering the car in a filthy film of gunk!
I managed 14,000 miles in mine over the last 12 months. I'd like to say it never let me down, but as it suffers from crud in the fuel tank I've had to undo the fuel pipe at the side of road a couple of times and blow down it. :oops: I will get around to cleaning the tank out properly when I can face it...
My 3500 has been my everyday car since I bought it nearly five years ago. The nearest I have had to a breakdown was a spell of rough running which was resolved by new HT leads. In practical terms, the extra fuel cost is offset to some extent by the free road tax and low depreciation and is, in any event, a small price to pay for driving something I enjoy. I only have two cars, the other being a 62 year old P4.


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I've covered over 16,000 miles a year every year for the past 4 years in my car. That includes torrential rain and winter salt. She gets a good underbody wash once a week in the winter to keep the salt damage to a minimum. I also spray the entire engine and bay with GT 85 which forms a protective layer to, again, minimise the effects of salt damage. I'm also fortunate to have a garage I can keep her in overnight. These cars are meant to be used and that's exactly what I do.



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It really boils down to what exactly is your everyday driving, as this can vary wildly between each of us.
I kept my 2000 TC as my long distance car for about 8 years, and as a result i managed to cover more than 110K miles.

While this is quite an achievement for a 40 year old car, there are some aspects of use that are better suited to the P6 and result in a happy car - driver relationship.
So for casual or daily but average distance open road, preferably non motorway use, the P6 with its confort and refinement is at its best, and if you don't miss the A/C in the summer, you really have no reason to opt for something more modern.
For heavy urban traffic day in, day out, unless you have an auto with power steering, again after some time it will become tiresome.
Also for frequent press-on motorway use, you will be dissapointed, because at speeds above 70 mph the wind and road noise will be too much, and the fuel consumption will suffer.
While the fuel consumption of the 4 cyl cars is rather reasonable for their size and age, there is absolutely no comparison with a good modern. Again for light use the pleasure of the P6 is enough to counterweight the increased costs, but for heavy use it will start to become too much.
Last but not least, if you consider year around use, you really should be able to keep up with the protection from salt like Dave suggests above. Otherwise, you will find that your car will start to deteriorate in no time.
I also find my 2200TC very useable and although it is a 2nd car used for the entirety of last week for no other reason than just because I wanted to. Normally it is my friday or weekend car. I also have the benefit of a garage so generally it does not get wet but in the last week it has worked through all weathers and since directing the heater hoses correctly does not leak at all and has been a pleasure to use this week, helps now that my car qualified for free tax from April of this year.
Have to say though that o agree with others, benefiting from a garage and a modern focus as an everyday car can keep this car away from salty wet roads on the whole, but will take it out on those crisp sunny winter days we occasionally get. Also i will use the winter months for further improvement projects, this year being a rear suspension overhaul, component parts shotblast and powdercoat.
It is a useful spare car though, and I can report fuel economy of 30mpg on a run from Essex to Cornwall this year.
It may not have the attraction of a V8 but a good 2200TC is a good car and has the fuel economy benefit and feels very spritely when set up properly.