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eBay oddities

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by EccentricRichard, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. EccentricRichard

    EccentricRichard New Member

    Spotted on eBay...

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1977-ROVER-3500-A ... 3cb0916d77

    I didn't think they were still around that late! I thought the last one came out early '76...

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1977-ROVER-2200-S ... 33606da803

    Another R-reg - and with a strip speedo too? I thought that got done away with in 1971 with the facelift... Speaking of which...

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ROVER-2000-TC-GRE ... 4cf153a18b

    A Series One, but with Series Two tail-lights? Plus weirdly-positioned reflectors... nice registration, though! Just reminding your fellow road users where you're sending your power... Plus:

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1970-ROVER-P6-350 ... 3cb04c58a6

    A 1970 Series Two? Again, I thought that wasn't supposed to arrive until '71...

    Anyone able to explain these to me?
  2. chrisyork

    chrisyork Active Member

    Yep, there were small numbers of p6's sold through into '78. To begin with the SD1's were built in an entirely new factory, so the P6 line was left intact after the SD1 was introduced. If there were problems in SD1 land, they went back to building P6's for a day or so!! Some markets actually required the P6 on account of not taking V8's so export 4 cylinders kept going for a while after the SD1 came out and before it was joined by the 2300/2600. Then after production really did cease a few LHD export cars never made it out of the UK and these were converted to RHD as and when and sold through the UK dealer network. Only BL could have managed a shambles of those proportions!

    Strip speedo's continued in S2's in the SC and 4cyl Auto models. These also got a peculiar meld of S2 and S1 dash rail switch panels.

    "S2" tail lamp clusters were introduced for all models from late '66. The reflector position shown came in at the same time and ran a couple of years through into S2 before the wing mounted reflectors came along.

    S2 production started Sep '70 for an October launch.

  3. arthuy

    arthuy Well-Known Member

    1977 cars are quite common.

    My car built Jan 1977 is 700 odd from last.

  4. testrider

    testrider Active Member

    The 1970 S2 cars had S1 base units, interior (except the dials) and electrics so it was really just a cosmetic make over for the first few months.
  5. NickDunning

    NickDunning Active Member

    Production continued into early 1977. The last 3500 autos were in February, the very last car (VVC700S, a 3500S, now owned by Mark Gray) went down the line on 19th March 1977.
    Strip speedos continued until the end of 2200SC production, in early 1977.

    That 1970 car needs further investigation - production of S2 cars didn't start in any numbers until October/November 1970. I get the feeling the registration date given is incorrect. Nasty looking car IMHO.
  6. NickDunning

    NickDunning Active Member

    That is a post mid-1966 Series I with the revised lights layout (the reversing light was moved from one light under the rear bumper to two in the clusters, the deposed reflectors moved to the bootlid.)

  7. EccentricRichard

    EccentricRichard New Member

    Why is it nasty-looking?
  8. NickDunning

    NickDunning Active Member

    Rust in places there shouldn't be - tip of the iceberg I suspect. I have mailed the seller to see what info he has on the car as if it's really a Series 2 dating from October 1970 it could be a factory registered car with historical significance.
  9. Pilkie

    Pilkie Active Member

    Rust where it shouldn't be Nick!??
    Absolutely anywhere will,can,and does rust on a P6 if its not ally!
    And especially after 40 yrs!
    I have found out my recently bought S2 car is a Sept/Oct 1970 built 2000sc auto,so its very possible it was built in the 1st week or 2 off the S2 line,as is the tobacco 3500!!
  10. rover100rich

    rover100rich Member

    nasty , its because of the colour , that 1970 ,s brown just looks awful , apologies to anyone whose car is this colour , i just dont think it suits , the dark brown does ,funny thing colour
  11. richarduk

    richarduk Guest

    I'm sure that is true with any 40 year old classic. ;)
  12. NickDunning

    NickDunning Active Member

    I have some low down on this one - it's chassis number 45100027A, built 19th August 1970. One of the absolute very first Series 2's.

    Rudiger - if you're watching this do you know of an earlier one?

    It's not a 'factory' car as such - it was supplied to Moorsmith Motors, Cardiff. Shown as dispatched 18th September 1970.

    Must have been one of, if not the first, Series 2 car in South Wales!
  13. 8866nk

    8866nk New Member

    i might be odd here but i prefer the tobacco leaf to the dark brown
    if polished both look great to me especially with alloys etc
    when dull they look like crap!
    the grey series 1 looks nice though, i'd have thought it was worth more.
    or am i wrong?
    talking market values really
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  14. Horselogger

    Horselogger New Member

    Update for anyone interested: this car is still on the road and running well: parked in my yard next to my classic Castleton caravan as I write. A further thread on this forum gives info that the late Dave Pilkington (Pilkie) purchased it about 4 years ago, and I am the 3rd owner after him.
  15. PeterZRH

    PeterZRH Well-Known Member

    Absolutely, these low-key colours really need to be in A1 condition to see them at their best. Tobacco is quite striking polished, different from anything in modern traffic. Burnt grey, fabulous in good order with a red interior literally looks like grey primer when faded.
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