Distributor query

I have a horrible feeling I know the answer to this......My distributor has done around 100,000 miles. It still works, sort of. There are new plugs in the car but there's still a hesitation on gentle throttle openings. The vacuum advance doesn't work at all. I've attached a vacuum pump to it and there's no movement on the base plate. Is it time to spend a lot of money on a new distributor and decent leads?
I guess it's too high a mileage to bother rebuilding the dizzy?
I had seized vacuum unit too. Bought a new one from Powerspark. Also got electronic points kit at same time. Both seem to work well. Hope this helps.
I tried new vacuum unit and replacing points with electronic ... after timing scatter issues etc. replaced entire dizzy at NEC show for an. brand new full electronic unit plus coil . £100 all in. no electrical. issues since . fuel is another matter !


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Hi Johnny,

A distance of 100,000 miles isn't really all that far, not for a quality distributor. The biggest issue with the Lucas 35D8 distributors is that they will see wear in the shaft, and if you are still running points, then that will cause running problems. With an electronic ignition system such as Lumenition installed in place of the points, lateral wear in the shaft will cause no running issues. The vacuum advance will only work to advance the timing typically when cruising along a motorway using very little throttle.
Take the cap off and turn the rotor against spring pressure. When you release it, does it return quickly to its original position?



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I would get it rebuilt if theres no play in the shaft... Mine had issues in the shaft even with lumenition. I went for a new cheap dizzy in mine. It works but fries ignition amps on a 12 monthly basis. Just make sure you have a spare and a philips screwdriver in the car.