Carpet options

Hi all,

I'm looking to fit a new gold (I think?) Carpet in my late 2200TC.

What options are there re carpets from what suppliers?
I'm not wanting to spend top dollar as it' my daily driver rather than a show car but do want it looking good for my wedding in August.

It' s white car.

Thanks :)
Cool, just looked at their website and they only list carpets up until 1972 but I presume the s1 and s2 carpets were much the same. Their Blenheim range seems a good price.
Anyone know where I can find out what colour my car would have had originaly?


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If it' brown, it's Mortlake most cars had this. Less common are Silver Birch, red and black.

No one makes a perfect Mortlake match. It's mainly brown but has grey, green and yellow hues. Almost like someone put a tweed suit in a blender. I have the sample and one of the synthetic colours is not too bad a match can't remember which though.


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Another thing if you want it like original you must get the felt-backed floor pieces and ask for cotton bindings. As standard these are leatherette (they also look very nice though).
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OK so Coverdale seems like the best bet. I'd probably go for the kit including the under felt. Any other good tips on soundproofing the car prior to fitting carpet? I'm considering getting some cheaper Dyanamat type stuff and doing the whole floor?


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Dynamat is vibration control. Most of the P6 is fairly thick metal and doesn't benefit so much. The exception being the trans tunnel, especially the front and where the exhaust is in the boot. You can be quite sparing with this. If the existing black stuff isn't stuck on properly any more then you'll need to remove it. What you need really is a barrier layer. This is often "mass loaded vinyl" MVL.

You need to read up on this otherwise you spend a lot of money and add a lot of weight wihout achieving much.
Thanks Peter.
The factory anti vibration pads seem in good order so I dont think I'll go poking at the floor in case I find something I regret finding :)
So it looks like I'll go for the cheapest Coverdale set unless anybody has any other options?


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There's a lot to be said for modern man-made fibres in car carpet, especially in an old car where they may get damp. You won't get any car this side of a Rolls with wool these days.

Soundproofing is the single most frustrating exercise you can do in a car. It's very difficult to do and then determine objectively if you've achieved anything substantial.

It's also pointless if you don't sort out any old tyres or worn suspension first.
In the past i have bought some carpets for a Rover P5B but was not really happy with the fitment. Now i am restoring another P5B and had bought an old Singer hand sewing machine for Euro 60,- and made the carpets myself. Did not have any expericence with a sewing machine but these old Singers are simple machines and can handle carpet + binding

And this is the old Singer which can handle carpet, leather and other fabrics which a modern non industrial cannot handle

A fair bit of patience and time is needed