Canadian export Federal TC

I recall that you, or your paintshop, had problems getting a matching shade for your Arden Green, but that looks exactly right.
Can be taken for black in duller light, exactly as my 67 TC does, but it's emphatically green in bright conditions.
A lovely looking car you have there,sir!
Yes John. It was a struggle to get a close match. I supplied about 7 different codes to the painter, none of which could be mixed in Canada. With the painters color swatch book, we choose a close match, one of the Jag greens, but for some reason, it was also not available..... In the end, the color on the car is Forden Loden Green, which I can get readily for touchups, and is close to the original Arden Green. Sad that I can't get the exact proper color but happy the color is close and looks great!


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Lovely , I do like to see the engine and drawing rooms in a set of photos . Gives a " feel " for the car . Very nice :D
Ps that E Type looks like it's taking up allot of space , if you need somewhere to keep it :!: :D