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BW35 Whine

Discussion in 'Gearboxes and drivetrain' started by keynsham1, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. keynsham1

    keynsham1 Member

    My BW35 gearbox whines with a noise like a straight cut gearbox in first. The noise completely disappears in the other gears. The box seems to work perfectly apart from this noise. Any ideas what it could be?
  2. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    The normal cause is a blocked filter, but that's going to be noisy in all gears, (including P&N) but often as the speed increases you can't hear it over the normal road noise. If it isn't the filter it could be a problem with the gearset.
  3. keynsham1

    keynsham1 Member

    I was wondering if it could be the forward brake band. From reading the Rover manual, it would seem that the forward brake band slips when in first but locks when in second and top. As the noise only occurs in first, it seems to be the only part and action common only to being in first gear. Any worn gears I would assume will make noise all the time as they are always meshing and rotating although possibly not under loads?
  4. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    The front band is only applied in SECOND. It's not applied in FIRST or TOP so effectively the drum does slide around inside the band. First gear in "D" is the front clutch and the one way clutch in operation, first gear in "1" is the front clutch and the rear band, so if the noise is there in "D", but not in "1" it could be the one way clutch. I doubt it, but there's an easy way to try to find out if it's a possible. All the gears in the gearset are in mesh all the time, but they're not all under load all the time.
  5. j_radcliffe

    j_radcliffe Member

    Have you checked your gearbox fluid level? Mine tends to whine a bit when it needs topping off.
  6. keynsham1

    keynsham1 Member

    I will try driving it in "1" and see if the noise is still there. I have never tried the car in "1". Sounds surprising but I only ever drive it in "D", and occasionally "2". It's no sports car and 48 years old so I tend to treat it with care! I will try it in "1" and see what happens!
    Ironically the first time it made the noise (noticeably, although I am sure first in "D" was always a little noisy) as far as I can remember was when I overfilled the gearbox. It is a NADA with the filler underneath and it is a complete bugger to fill and top up, especially with the engine running! I drained some fluid out at the time and I would have sworn it was quieter. It is really difficult to remember though. It must be something specific because the noise completely goes once changed into second and top so whatever it is, it is directly related to being in first gear and in "D".

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