Best replacement alternator?

Hi guys, I think my alt is shot and it's also killed my battery. Car is a series one P6B.
It externally regulated, but I guess I can run an internally regulated one and modify the wiring. The main thing is the physical mounts - can someone point me in the direction of what fits?


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The 17/18 ACR alternator uses a different mounting bracket and fanbelt to the 11AC, but that's not a difficult change to make. You may find an internally regualted alternator that fits the 11AC bracket, but that may complicate the wiring conversion.
Thanks Chalky. I'm trying to understand that diagram (it's nearly midnight here and it's been a long week). Does that mean that there's only the +ve battery cable and the warning light attached to the alternator? The other connections are all labelled '1' which the pic states should be unused. So both F+ and F- on the original wiring are unused?

Where '2' is, I assume that's at the warning light relay? The wiring in the old girl is quite faded, hopefully I can positively identify the right wires (pun intended). Thanks for your help.