After many hours/days of faffing about with none P.A.S!!

After faffing about fitting P.A.S to my P6 3500 and swapping pumps turning impellers over etc i have finally found the culprit someone had inserted a little rubber tube/bung into the pump hole stopping any flow so after buying another pump fitting it to find out it was buggered i yet again fitting the original one with the kit i had minus to bung i now have P.A.S :D



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That's fitted to prevent dirt getting into the unit when stored. If it helps I did the exact same thing with an in tank fuel pump on a Saab 900 years ago. Had to drop the tank and faff about for another three hours before I realised my mistake.
I did notice it when i first fitted the pump but didn't take much notice as i had not fitted a pas system to a p6 for years so had forgotten that it shouldn't have been there or should have been removed prior to fiiting :(