A p6 again after 20 years.......

20 years ago I boiught a 2200TC in Delft the Netherlands. It was in reasonablke state but i had stand under a traintracks so it had metal pimples all over the body....

I took the car apart and painted it from mexico brown to a jaguar racing green. It was a hell of a job and then this was our only car and ad two little kids.
This was looking afterwards not a really good idea. I was tinkering a lot with it, it really was my hobby to keep the thing running. I spent a lot of time with it which my wife didn't like at the time. She was right though i should have spent more time at the famile and the house and...and.... But anyways it was not reliable enough for us as the only car so with pain in my heart I sold it then.
A bunch of Volvo's follewed and my hobby became restoring motorbikes. These take less space to restore.
But a few weeks ago I turned 50 and my wife gave me as a present A Rover P6B automatic. It was a total surprise for me. She knew I still loved the Rover in all these yaers and that my favaorite engine was the V8. So she bought one in not a perfect shape but in a project shape. It was Red with black vinyl Roof .

Off course it needed some welding right away in the boot at the upperlink bar. It has a ithink SD1 motor fitted and bad black interior. An old friend of mine is doing the welding for me. He is well known in the Netherlands in the P6 scene: Jaap Weidema.

I'll keep you posted on the progress
Welkom Pepijn! (that translates to welcome for our English readers...)

Good seeing more Dutch people on here. Guessing by Delft etc you're still living somewhere in the same area? Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your P6!
I hope I can figure out how things work with injection! I am used to the carbs also from the 2200 TC injection I have to learn. For starters does anyone know how to reduce idle speed? It is idling at high speed. Exactly how high I don't know because the tacho doesnot work......Nice job to figure out how to get tacho working.....
maybe I should open other topic about my Rover progress?

wel here are some pics anyway:

getting the bushes out:

those don't move at all....

this is all to be sandblasted:

but nice shocks:
I will have to find outr whether the systems is working ok. If it is not reliable I might replace it for`another system or even replace it with a manifold with carbs.


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Oh no :eek: please keep the injection! once its all going well its far more reliable than the carbs and better on your pocket for fuel too, having said that I am also not familiar with the dreaded flapper system. Looking at the forum should show you some very good threads on installing later injection systems.

Edit PS forgot to say your wife has wonderful taste! thats a nice looking car

Peize! Coincidence, my little brother lives there as well.
Keep the Flapper injection. I have it on my Range Rover 3d and it has been very reliable in the three years I used the RR as an everyday car.