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Hi all,

I'm after a pedal box from a 3500S. I have all of the lines etc, I just need the complete pedal box assembly. Converting my car from an auto to a manual and its one of the few parts I don't have.

Happy to pay freight etc from anywhere to Australia. Thanks
Hello, I have everything in the picture for sale.
If you are interested, please let me know.


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@ewokracing I have a hunch that the kit in Bernd's photo is of the set-up out of a four cylinder P6, where the clutch master sits right next to the brake master ??? I found a photo of the pedal box I used when I converted my car from auto to an LT77, and the bracket that holds the clutch master vertically. I think it is different from the stuff in Bernd's pic.


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Hello mrtask,
the parts in the photo were removed from a '74 3500S, which unfortunately had too much rust and therefore served as a parts donor.
Hallo @Bernd – I stand corrected! Ich bitte um verzeihung!.
Here's hoping the parts you have for sale will enable Ewokracing to complete the job he is planning.
Might be worthwhile getting hold of a parts cattledog. There are a number of different versions of the pedal setup, both LHD and RHD. The cattledog will tell you what is compatable with what via the notes and part numbers. There are also some recent stories on here from people that have had your headache recently. I vaguely recall that the biggest issue was getting the plastic clutch fluid line away from the exhaust on that side.
Do you call them something different from 'cattledog'? To possibly improve your outlook - "the man who invented predictive text died recently - the funnel will be tomato".
The LHD version is VERY different - the brake master is at a near vertical angle to reduce its exposure to heat - part no 578899. RHD part no is 578625.
PS - when you find the right pedal box check out how the pedal lever attaches to the cylinder push rod. The book shows a clevis pin retained by an 'R' clip ON THE BACK, blind side of the push rod yoke. Think about R&R'ing that clip with it all in the car. My car had that clevis replaced by a bolt (IIRC 5/16 UNF) with a suitable nut brazed on the yoke. I would also make sure the studs for the cylinder are well locked into the adapter - it can get very unpleasant if they unscrew from the adaptor while you are trying to bolt the cylinder down.
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Cheers gang, yes they are very different parts. I actually have a RHD pedal assembly but it is rusted solid. One pedal will not move. I tried soaking it with penetrating fluid, putting it in a press etc and it wouldn't free itself. Last effort was heating it with a torch but unfortunately the spring got too hot and has now lost it's tension - thought it may be easier to find a whole new assembly than keep flogging a dead horse.

Just had a thought bubble - maybe I can make one good pedal assembly from Bernd's parts and mine.