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New Profile Posts

  1. richard walch
    richard walch DeanoV8
    Hi ,I was advised to go for a quality 15/50 multigrade mineral oil as the V8 oil seals and Hydraulic tappets are not keen on sythetic or semi synth oils,Richard [ ps I,m sure your aware to warm the motor up before draining]
  2. Roveringen
    Mijn P6b met een webasto dak.
  3. Horselogger
    Just joined so thought I'd say hello. Bought P6B a month ago. Once owned by Pilkie: "Number 27". Goes well . Hoping to keep it so.
  4. Horselogger
    Perhaps the oldest P6B mk 2 still around
  5. SundayDriver
    1960 P4 100, 1960 P5 Mk.1
  6. SundayDriver
    Current Rovers:
  7. TokyoP6B
    Neverending money pit project P6B that might just see the highway this year
    1. mrtask
      Hey there TokyoP6B. Haven't heard from you round these parts for a while. All good? Hope you hit that highway in 2018 pal!
      May 18, 2018
  8. houseofrouse
    houseofrouse NickDunning
    Hi nick, im new to the club, a member brought up the car i own could be a ringer... i read your post about base unit numbers...

    My one was a right pain to uncover (lots of glue and paint) but it reads ba/0665514

    Vehicle reg is YNJ 329J.

    Any help advice would be most welcome.

    Apologies for private message, just feel a bit of a moron posting about this having already purchased the car...


  9. GJM
    GJM landy.lover
    Hi. Just seen that you occasionally rebuild heater boxes? Mine needs a bit of work including the linkages. Thanks.
  10. codekiddie
    codekiddie Conrad D. Conelrad

    Saw your page of items to sell, and would like to purchase the Ball Joint Tool if it is still available.


  11. Roveringen
    On the road again with a BW65 and Jensen wheels
  12. Telford81
    Owner of a tidy 68 2000 SC, Zircon Blue with what ought to be a Buckskin interior, once I've got it cleaned and recoloured...
  13. jdp
    Regional Representatives coordinator for the RSR.
  14. kingrat00
    kingrat00 Stephen Ward
    Hi Stephen sorry only saw your message yes still have alternator can post for say 10 total 20.
    Do you have a pay pal account you can pay me that way if you want still
    1. Stephen Ward
      Stephen Ward
      Hi. Glad you are still about. Yes I am still interested, however, I have just had to fork out for a new steering rack for my wife's car so anything for The Minstrel is on hold for now. I am sure you will understand. Thanks again. :)
      Feb 18, 2018
    Hello all, new member 69 p6 v8 rover owner intending to restore to show condition this year will be asking help to source . thanks Dennis
  16. Riddler
    Riddler rockdemon
    Hello. Contacting you because I understand you are an administrator and may be able to help.
    I am trying to contact a new member called Alex Baker.
    I have sent him a conversation message and posted on his profile page but I don’t think he has seen my messages. Would you be able to email him and ask him to get in touch with me? My email address is;
    Many thanks,
  17. luke gothard
    luke gothard
    Any one know the size of the rad hoses on my 1946 rover p2?
  18. Riddler
    Riddler Alex Baker
    Hello Alex. Have sent you a private message that will be in your inbox. About your hunt for a V8 P6.
  19. Gargo
    Gargo Geoff Rawlings
    Hi Geoff,
    As my post says I have a converted car, which you are more than welcome to have a look at. The car is in Edenderry Village. I'll even let you drive it.
    Ph. me on 02890644267 or email gavin.millington@btopenworld.com
    Gavin Millington.
  20. Max black99
    Max black99 Tam
    Hello. Just a quick question regarding my 74 p6. A few years ago'pee sicks' posted about his new car on the 11th of July 2014 (BSS202M) which he bought of ebay. Do you have any old pics of the car or the ebay sale add?

    kind regards Max