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Depressed to find oil running down over your rear brakes ?
Fear not here, for sale, is a pair of diff output shafts fitted with new seals and bearing spacers - ready to fit !
It’s quite a faff to sort out leaky output shafts and most folks don’t have the tools do the job, a press is needed to fit new bearing spacers onto the shafts.
These suit cars with Girling brakes.
They add up price wise as follows- output assemblies £120 a pair, new bearing spacers £50 pair, new seals £10 pair.
For sale here for the bargain price of £100 pair.
Get ‘em while they’re hot !



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Well worth £100 for these! It takes me a good day to make a spacer, pull the old flange, turn off the old spacer (it’s on there very tight!), then refit the flange. And that’s with access to a lathe.
I did this job by grinding a slot in the old spacer and cracking it with a chisel. The new one will just slip on if you put the assembly in the freezer overnight and heat the sleeve to 50 degrees C in the oven before assembly. No special tools are really necessary!
The thrust collar should be a very tight fit on the output shaft.
The WM calls for a press, I used a press, I would not have said so otherwise.
Nit picking on someone elses for sale thread when you have no intention of purchasing the item is bad form.


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The collars transfer lateral loads from the wheels/drive shafts I made new collars to Rovers specification. It nearly maxed out my 20 ton press.