How to replace fuel tank on 110

Glen B

New Member
After finding rust in the fuel filter I removed the tank and cleaned it out, had it sandblasted and powder coated and bought some genuine threaded fuel pipes from Richards Rovers. I did buy new push on fuel hoses but decided to put the system back to original. I've made sure the lines are all cleaned out.
I've put a new breather pipe on and undone the inspection panel for the filler pipe to put the breather pipe back on easier. I've fitted the first hoses from the main and reserve but not the joining ones that go to the pump as I was struggling to lift the tank and feed them all through. Should I fit both sections of the 2 pipes, ie, all the way to the pump before lifting the tank? The sequence in the workshop manual is a bit vague re putting the tank back. Can anyone help with an idiots guide to doing it please? I am in the P4 Drivers Guild now but couldn't get on the that forum for some reason.