BDW438L and OVX559M


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Hello there,

during my search for a P6, these two examples came along, so please allow me to ask if anybody knows anything about either of these: BDW 438L and OVX 559M?
Any information will be highly appreciated! :)

Many thanks

Patrick I knew BDW438L a Mexico Brown/Huntsman 3500S back in the early eighties when it belonged to Mike Stamp from Chippenham - sadly he is no longer with us - at that time he was a very enthusiastic member of the P6ROC and the car was absolutely immaculate and had a fortune spent on it keeping it that way -I have some photographs of it somewhere taken at the Ashton Court show which used to run every year - if I find them I will post them up
Patrick - I tried to pm you a picture but it wouln not upload - I'll try it here


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Hi, 10 years on and I've just found this. OVX 559M was my father's car for about 40 years, from new. It was lovely to drive but really needed 5* fuel to shine. He used it to tour to southwest Ireland, Berlin while the wall was still there, Italy and just south of the arctic circle in Norway. It also cruised comfortably at 120mph on the autobahn, but only while my mother was asleep! However, it lost power at altitude and on one occasion I had to assist the engine by pushing it up the last bit of a mountain pass in Austria. It also overheated easily with any temperature above a mild UK summer. By the time my father sold the car, the front wings were so perforated that the rust was only held together by the green paint. If you didn't select this car for restoration, I suspect it is no more. It was well used and well loved.