110 starts but struggling to rev

Glen B

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I have recently replaced all the fuel lines from tank to pump to engine bay fuel filter bowl and put £26 worth of E5 into empty clean tank. Last Friday (9 days ago) I turned on the ignition for first time since cleaning fuel system and it fired up and revved ok. Last Sunday it wouldn't start at all. I suspected I may have missed some muck in the carb so I took float chamber lid off, took float out and sprayed carb cleaner in to the bottom orifice in the chamber forcing it through so it sprayed out the top of the jet. Yesterday after it cut out and wouldn't restart I pulled the fuel pipe off the carb with ignition on but nothing came through. Today I took the outlet pipe off the pump and to start with nothing came out with ignition on. Then it started spitting a bit out so I put the pipe back on. I went to the carb inlet pipe again and pulled it off and petrol gushed out. The engine will start ok now but I can't get it to rev. I haven't altered any settings on the carb or the ignition side since it revved ok. The pump did tick yesterday and then didn't. I have noticed today is that in the fuel filter bowl you can see a disturbance and it looks like air bubbles pushing through the petrol in the bowl every few seconds with the engine running. I'm sure it's not supposed to do that. My former classic, a Ford Consul, never did that. I haven't rebuilt the pump ( double ended) and am wondering if that's not working as it should. Any ideas?
If it's making air (bubbles) that indicates there's a loose connection on the pump inlet side and/or back to the tank.
If it's making air (bubbles) that indicates there's a loose connection on the pump inlet side and/or back to the tank.
Cheers. Just found tank has a slight leak on bottom rear right hand corner which has a slow drip so I've got that to sort out now as well. I had the tank sand blasted and a pinhole appeared. It looks like the epoxy metal didn't work for long. Just been to Halfords for some Isopon Leak Stop. Hopefully that will do the job. All the connections were tightened properly and showed no signs of leaks but I'll check again thanks.
I was able to seal a leaking tank (low down) with an epoxy PC11. stayed dry for years, but was on a plastic tank.