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    Electric fuel pump for rover 3500S

    That's the one I used, and it works really well. I sited it next to the washer bottle and ran the new fuel line under the wing. Don't forget to fit an inertia switch for safety.
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    Series 1 clock

    Thanks, Phil. By coincidence I came across a non-working Series 1 clock in the garage (when I was looking for something else :)), so I might have a delve into it for interest.
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    Series 1 clock

    How does the bezel come off, Phil? Is it just a push/force fit on the can?
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    Lt77 conversion requirements

    Richard's advice is good, but I've always gone for Castrol SMX.'s funny how progress never seems that rebadged as this mouthful.... Castrol Syntrans Multivehicle 75W-90 Car Gearbox Oil Stan
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    Supporting car on Block paving

    Maybe it depends on the wheel diameter...... A titchy Halfords special might certainly struggle, but a beefy 3-tonner from a reputable company works just fine. Maybe that's why I have no problems at all on 60mm blocks.
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    Supporting car on Block paving

    I wouldn't be using steel plates, Pat, as steel on steel can slide. If you want to spread the load, use wood. I usually put axle stands on 1" thick wood, and a short length of 1.1/2" - 2" square section between the underbody and the top of the stand. Re the trolley jack, providing you're not...
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    Series 1 2000SC on ebay - anyone know it?

    A friend of mine in Ireland is interested in this. Does anyone have any knowledge of its history/issues? 2000SC on ebay Thanks, Stan
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    The View From The Windscreen

    Oh....go on then! The descent to Applecross - including my mate panicking and dropping the camera at 02:50. :) If you use the new 'insert ... menu' you can do insert media and embed the video :)- admin
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    The View From The Windscreen

    In May 2018, a mate & I gave Occie's new 3.9 engine a shakedown on a 2-week, 1750 mile tour through Scotland. Many absolutely stunning driving roads, the best of them being the Bealach Na Ba (Pass of the Cattle) which is an old single-track drovers' road built in 1822. The Bealach rises from...
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    Suspension Failure

    Whatever works for you, Ron! I only mentioned plain nuts because I mentioned spring washers. And it would be very unusual to use spring washers with Nylocs.
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    Odd temp gauge behavior - NADA V8

    Thinking aloud. Given the gauge behaviour is a regular cycle, I wouldn't have thought it's an engine overheat. I can't tell for sure from your post, but was the gauge behaving like this before you fitted the electronic regulator? If so, it would seem to point to either the sensor or the...
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    Suspension Failure

    Seconded. My Parts Lists all show 16 off - Spring (not Star) Washers. And plain nuts, not Nylocs.
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    Hazard flasher unit

    If you do have to replace the relay, consider going electronic. The quality of the "Lucas" items currently on offer ranges from fair to abysmal. I fit them to all my cars for both indicators and hazards....constant flash rate, and reliably long-lasting. You do need to add a fly lead for earth...
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    Lt77 Gearbox

    You'll probably get on better putting a post up on the SD1 forum, Paul. Don't forget the bellhousing, if you're not already so equipped. Good luck! Stan Rover SD1 Club Forum
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    three spoke like merc emblem in head lights.

    Part of the design and construction of the Lucas P700 Tripod headlamp. Stan