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    Spherical seat

    Thanks guys! Best not to grease it.
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    Spherical seat

    My old sloppy spherical seat is heavily greased. Shall I grease the new one or not? The WSM says nothing about it but Haynes says no lubrication. That is correct? It's a 2200 TC 1976. //Per-Anders
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    Heater fan wiring

    Hi Must be the resistor inside the heater box. Regards Per-Anders
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    Under bonnet colours

    Mine is an original non repainted 2200TC 1976 and I can verify Harvey. The hinges are galvanised.
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    Sticky seats

    I have used the Gliptone colour for many years in different cars without any problem, even in the extreme heat we had this summer here in Sweden. But if the leather isn't really clean before the colouring it may be sticky according to the manual. If you use the Gliptone conditioner it might seal...
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    Water pump on rover 2200

    There is no problem in using a short neck water pump instead of a long one. It's only the fan blade that will be I bit far behind the radiator, the pulleys will align. I have used a short one on my 2200 TC 1976 for many years and no heating problem.