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    Borg Warner 65/66 oil level

    If your dipstick has a red end then it's the 65, the yellow end is 66 and it has 66 embossed into the handle. Harvey is quite right, the difference is the deeper sump pan
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    ZF 4HP22 step by step.

    Yeah bit of a bummer that!, guess you need to keep looking, should be plenty out there for you.
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    ZF 4HP22 step by step.

    PeterZRH said "There is an electronic version of the 4HP. I wonder "how electronic" is actually is. I had it on my BMW e34 5 series. It had a "sport" and "normal" selector but didn't appear to drive much differently to any other auto apart from the shift points." That's the early type Peter...
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    ZF 4HP22 step by step.

    Sadly that is not the 4HP22 or 4HP24 Looks more like a 5HP or later ( ecu controlled ) : ( I have plenty of 4HP 22 and 24 boxes if you need one. Non electronic
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    ZF 4HP22 step by step.

    Some pictures of the box would help, especially the connector ( does it have a kick down cable ) and is the selector arm on the right or left looking from the front?
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    Rover p6b 3500 starting problem

    Replace the condenser, and check the float bowls in the carbs, the float may be sticking or there may be a build up of crud inside.
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    BW35 new sump gasket leak challenge

    Not used the composite gasket, always stuck with the cork which work well when fitted correctly. Make sure the sump pan is flat along the mating surface, if it is not then make it so. Use hylomar ( universal blue ) on the pan face only then refit and tighten the bolts until just over hand tight...
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    BW35 Valve Body interchangability.

    I don't think the issue is with the valve body swap, I would try and set the throttle valve cable correctly, or check that it is. Also ensure your engine idle speed is set between 600-650 RPM before you start and check all the linkage relating to throttle set up including the spindle bush are as...
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    V8 automatic - no third gear - intermittent reverse

    Indeed, but low fluid level will, if he has both low level and band adjustment issue then it's a fix in situ. Hope this is the case, or as you say it's box out for a clutch fix
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    V8 automatic - no third gear - intermittent reverse

    Fluid levels are notoriously difficult to obtain, just check it again to make sure, it's really a two person job, one to select each and every gear in turn and someone up front to dip the stick when back in park. Remove the dipstick and dry fully ( don't put it back in the tube until your ready...
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    auto BW65 slips in 2nd

    If that's your thinking I can't see why you would buy a used box be it SD1 or P6B in the first place, always better to work with what you already have or you could end up spending more on knackered boxes than actually repairing yours.
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    auto BW65 slips in 2nd

    Your speedo drive gear from the P6 has to be machined on the inner circumference to suit the output shaft of the SD1, your P6 output flange for the prop shaft will fit on the SD1, but you will need a longer bolt as the flange is longer than than the SD1 but the output shaft is shorter. So...
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    auto BW65 slips in 2nd

    You could use the SD1 box without stripping it, there are some modifications that need to be carried out on the original P6 "donor " box but these are straightforward enough if you or someone can do machining works.
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    Speedometer cable angle drive

    I have a good used one here .......
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    Speedo problem. 1972 P6B Auto

    Personally just looking at the picture of the angle drive I would say it is an aftermarket one, the originals did not have a circlip holding in the plate, they were spiked closed. I would return it to the supplier if found to be the culprit. I have a used one here, send me a PM if you are still...