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Dutch RoverArchives is an idea of René Winters. René is a big fan of the Rover brand and since 1979 he has collected all kinds of information regarding Rover. Meanwhile the collection has grown to an huge archive with a lot of different information and stuff. With his own magazine he would like to share this information with other Rover enthusiasts and make sure that the younger generation won’t forget this beautiful car make, since it is already 12 years ago that the company went bankrupt. Composing magazines isn’t something new, René already made magazines for the Dutch Rover SD1 Foundation between 1990 and 1994. He also made a couple of club magazines for the Rover Owners’s Club Holland. The members of the club were very pleased with these magazines. Together with several other Rover enthusiasts we are going to make this new magazine. The magazine will contain a variety of topics, from the first Rover bike until the Rover 75 V8. Also the MG Zed models, ZR – ZS – ZT – ZTT, will get attention. If you would like to receive our next magazines please send an e-mail to . Please include your name, place of residence, phone number and details of your car. There is no membership and no contribution fee. If you would like to know more about Dutch RoverArchives, please register at our Facebook group, on this page you will find a lot of interesting information with regard to Rover, or download the first magazine: Greetings, René Winters