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Hi David , just checking , are you sorted with the 3500 you were looking for some time ago .
I have a 1972 P6 3500 that may be coming up for sale within the next few weeks.. quite a nice looker (arn't they all ) in a superb blue .
Stainless steel exhaust .. and the Webasco roof. less than 70.000 miles … based in the Midlands .
Pat Pearce
Hi Derek,
I think that choke cable will be ok if its still for sale please?
Hey John, I was wondering how you got on with the HIF6 conversions the other day. Where you able to make up the see saw?
yep---genau....und aktuell wieder zu verkaufen...ich fahre einfach zu wenig damit.....und zum rumstehen ist er zu schade......
Hi Lewis. I'd be interested in seeing what spare you have with this car. I really don't have room for another car, I have 3 already. I live about half an hour south of Edinburgh but work just outside Penicuik. Could I arrange a time to have a look at what you have? Cheers Dave
Hi ,I was advised to go for a quality 15/50 multigrade mineral oil as the V8 oil seals and Hydraulic tappets are not keen on sythetic or semi synth oils,Richard [ ps I,m sure your aware to warm the motor up before draining]