Woodrim Steering Wheel


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Always wanted a wood-rim steering wheel in my 3500s but didn't really like the thin original optional wheel, I did however want to keep the original two spoke design. Final conclusion was to build my own.
Really pleased with it and reduced it to 15" whilst I was at it. Rover Steering Wheel.jpg


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Excellent. Two things though. Is it possible to (router in?) the finger mouldings as in the factory type because the finish is liable to be quite slippery.

The only real concern then would be in the event of an accident it won't deform like the original.


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Hi Peter,

I haven't put the finger mouldings on the back, I have PAS so didn't feel the need. It would be possible but very labour intensive without some form of jig to get even depth and spacing. I note your concern about the potential for it to be slippery but many of the aftermarket Motalita stuff is totally smooth as well plus this rim is a lot thicker which gives far greater purchase.

In the event of an accident I suspect the wheel will deform in a very similar fashion as the wood is not very thick and the spokes should deform in exactly the same way. If however the wheel rim does prove to be more sturdy all it will do is spread the impact load over the whole chest rather than a direct hit on the sternum from the centre boss. Don't watch this space as I don't have any intention of testing my beliefs.


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Good work. There simply isn't an aftermarket steering wheel that suits the P6 & this is a very fair compromise.
Personally though, l like thin wheels on old cars.
Thanks, I know that there are 2 different 'camps' of thin or thicker rims. I'm sure it would be possible to do a thin rim similar to mine but it would just take a lot more care with smaller tolerances etc.
prefer thin rim for my non power assist rover p6 . though would look odd on a modern car! seen a thin wooden rim but cannot recall what. car it was. other than an old sports car!
did you use a standard black leather wheel and chrome it or the fake wood one with polished stainless spokes? I seem to recall some have a square steel ring and others are round steel?
It was a standard leather wheel with round steel ring (never seen a square one). The spokes are just polished with a small (3")buffing wheel and Solvol Autosol so I'll take that as a compliment :).