wiring diagram


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Can people with other model years/chassis suffixes and scanners handy do the same with the Owner's manual diagrams and post them please?
This talk of the P6 wiring diagram being complicated makes me laugh. It fits on a single sheet of paper for crying out loud. Our 2012 Passat wiring diagram is a 263 page book (actually it's 630 pages, but the rest are about where all the electrical hardware is located around the car, not the wiring itself).

Hello Vern,
In general, wiring diagrams are easy to figure, but, when the diagram colour codes are practically invisible when you reach a certain age, and the responding wires are not only adrift from the electrical fittings, but also age has had its effect on the wire colours as well. Most of our members know the problems I have had with my P6, and I have now come up against the front four lights, two fogs and two horns getting sorted, 24 wires I think, incl. earth, and to cap it all, the suffix E diagram does not marry up with the fuses.
Hope all you guys, (new word that I believe covers all genders nowadays) keep well.