Wiper switch problem

I think I have a problem with my wiper switch on my 1965 2000. The two speed switch now only has one position before going sloppy and turning all the way round and the wipers don't come on. The washers work perfectly. Any suggestions gratefully received. Does this sound expensive or is it a home fix? :(


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I would take the switch out and have a look.

They are simple switches, which you can take appart with a bit of car. If there is somthing wrong then you should spot it quickly.

Do you have a multi-meter? you could check the contiuity of the switch without taking it apart.

also the switches are cheap new if you buy them in the right place. My stage 1 v8 landrover and I supppose all the series three have the same switch with a different knob.

They are of course available second hand.

I reckon I shall have to take out the switch because my guess is that something has become disconnected. The switch is one of Rover's early 'touchy feely' ones shaped like a 'T'. Is it possible to remove it from the front of the dash to check the wiring? Does the flange unscew from the dashboard? It's in such an obvious place I don't want to damage anything by being ham-fisted. :O
It does sound as tho' your switch has broken. However, an easy job this one - Use a small screwdriver, instrument type or similar to poke in the little hole in the black, tee-shaped switch simultaneously pull the switch and it will come off in your hand. This reveals a chrome, round nut with two cut-outs at 180° apart - use the small screwdriver to turn this nut anti-clockwise and unscrew it completely. The switch will now push through the dashboard and may be withdrawn and dropped down behind the switch panel. You may have to remove the trim panel which forms the roof of the storage space above the radio position. This pulls down from the front, held by two black plastic push-pins and can be pulled towards you to release from the two metal clips that hold the front edge (or back as you look at it). Pull off one wire at a time and note its position or label it with a piece of masking tape. You should then have the switch in your hand. Repair or replace and reverse the above for refitting, as they say in all the best manuals.
Hope this helps.
Regards, John.
another thought has just occurred to me - On series 1 switchgear (i.e. similar on my 1968 Three Thousand Five) the wiper switch first position is on and the second position is a rheostat (turning like a volume control) that SLOWS the speed down! Hence, there are not two speeds as such.
Does this make sense?
Regards, John.
John that makes perfect sense - I thought that some sort of detent had maybe broken allowing my switch to turn so far but what you say makes me think otherwise. Once I've got the switch out so I can look at it I'm hoping that it's something simple like a loose connection; there is power getting through to the washer function so I hope something has just detached itself. I'm off to a show next weekend and can't be without wipers. Many many thanks for taking the time.

Thanks John. I think it looks like it may be the motor, but a session with a multimeter and a wiring diagram looks to be on the cards I'm afraid. :(
Deep joy for once!! :D Turned out to be a dogy connection in the wires under the motor itself. One of the 'copper's helmet' connectors had given up the ghost and a bit of emery paper and a new connector later I can see if it starts raining on my way to Elvaston Castle this weekend. Thanks for all the help. :laugh: