Wiper Delay

I have studied all the posts of wiper refurbishing and the delay repairs. has anyone any experience of fitting the electronic delay unit sold by, I think, Wadhams My delay stopped working last year, and I cannot get it off the car. Also I was warned that 'repairs are not always successful.' would fitting an electronic unit be a viable replacement?
I also have a circuit diag. of a delay unit from the internet. This simply has a n/o output that closes for each wipe. An the advantage that the delay time is variable. Anyone ever fitted such a device to a P6 3500S
Since the original delay, I am surprised how much I miss it.


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yes mine has gone the same way Robin, now waiting for my Workshop Manual to arrive through the post and I'll see what can be done :p

has anybody else repaired theirs?
There was a very detailed article in P6 Club mag a couple of years ago. They might send you a copy if you ask nicely, or join.
I have Rover and Haynes workshop manuals and neither mention the delay unit or how to repair it. Only ever seen anything on this in P6 owners club mag.
Delay unit seems to have been installed in a place where it will be most difficult to remove for servicing.
One expert from the club told me "Repairs are not always successful."