Wiper delay and park

hi, I'm sure this must have been covered somewhere. My park and delay on my mk2 V8 auto don't work so I thought it might be within my skills to have a look at this over the winter. Any advice / pointers from other threads bearing in mind the motor etc all seem fine. Thanks
I wrote a thread on just this. The delay type on mine was the pneumatic.

Revitalised Wiper Delay

In the thread, there is also mention of the electronic delay as well from another member. If you have the unit below, then you have the electronic delay, otherwise you have the pneumatic.

Here is a picture of the pneumatic delay governor.

Hope this helps.


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The vacuum pipe seems to be missing from the picture, it fits to the plastic nipple at the top of the vacuum unit, and is routed through the wiring harness . Mine is disconnected at the moment but you can see the pipe poking out from the harness with the wires. P6  wiper connectors 001.jpg